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Hi there! My name is Maxim Milyutin. I am based in Irkutsk, Russia's Siberia. Traveller, organiser of local travel talks, and owner of Irkutsk hostel. Travel for me is not necessary movement to some place far away from home, it's a state of soul. That's why I like to travel around my home region and and abroad as well. I'm happy to share my knowledge about Baikal with everybody! Feel free to ask me about Lake Baikal via the contact form Tatiana Baksheeva, our previous blog runner, remains with us as a contributor.

What do we know about the Baikal seal (nerpa)?

Baikal Seal (Nerpa)

The Baikal Seal - Nerpa

The Baikal Seal or nerpa is a unique animal of Lake Baikal. It’s the only mammal that lives in the lake.

A lot of people go to the Baikal to see this charming creature. In summer, the seals like basking in the sunshine and you can see how variously they can behave. Like people, the Baikal Seals have different characters and temperaments.

But even if you fail to meet a nerpa in the native habitat, you can visit the Baikal Museum, where you will see nerpas in the Baikal Museum ISC SB RAS aquarium.

The Baikal Seals, living in the Nerpinaries (the Baikal Seal Aquariums) in Irkutsk and Listvyanka , will surprise you with their performance. Nerpas there can sing, dance, paint colorful pictures and even “count”.

Some people say that nerpas are like aliens. Maybe, it’s because of their pretty flat eyes and unusual sounds that they blow.

The Baikal Seal is the symbol of Lake Baikal. Nothing can be compared with its almond-shaped eyes and fluffy white fur of the pups!

You can learn more about the Baikal Seal here or make up your mind to set out for the Baikal Seal Observation Tour.

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