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Hi there! My name is Maxim Milyutin. I am based in Irkutsk, Russia's Siberia. Traveller, organiser of local travel talks, and owner of Irkutsk hostel. Travel for me is not necessary movement to some place far away from home, it's a state of soul. That's why I like to travel around my home region and and abroad as well. I'm happy to share my knowledge about Baikal with everybody! Feel free to ask me about Lake Baikal via the contact form Tatiana Baksheeva, our previous blog runner, remains with us as a contributor.

Photos: Golden autumn at Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal in autumn. Photo by Vasiliy Maslyukov.

Autumn comes to Lake Baikal in mid August and lasts until late September. During these autumn days, the lake releases its warmth accumulated in hot summer days, and thus maintains a special microclimate on its shores with sunny and warm weather during the days and chilly nights. 

Autumn at Lake Baikal is perfect for your visit to this sacred lake, should you be willing to enjoy solitary and meditative holidays away from city hustle and bustle. Indian summer in late September, that colours forests in bright yellow and red, is attractive for artists and photographers who intent to get beautiful pictures and paintings of the local nature. Multicolored mixed forest at Peshanaya Bay and Chivyrkuy Bay, bright-yellow deciduous forest of the Small Sea shores are especially beautiful in late autumn. 

Read more and see more Vasiliy Maslyukov’s photographs of Lake Baikal in autumn.

Swimming in Lake Baikal in autumn can be possible, should you be prepared to take this risk as local people do – the temperature of the water in some of the bays is about +12 -+14ºC. 

The most popular destinations for autumn are Listvyanka settlement, Peschanaya Bay, Olkhon Island, Chivyrkuy Bay, Circum-Baikal Railway, and Tunka Valley. Fishing cruises, hunting tours, hiking for picking up berries, mushrooms and cedar cones are quite exciting during this season.

Late autumn, from October 15 till November 30, can not boast of being a very comfortable time for hiking on the lake shores as the weather can be rainy with strong winds, dirt roads may become not-passable, and cloudy grey sky may fail to pick up your mood, unless you are in for a tough adventure! If so, do come. Russians say:  In nature, any weather is enjoyable!

Photo courtesy Vasiliy Maslyukov

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